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Monthly Women's Circle with 13 Moons in a Basket.

New Moon Circle


A monthly circle to connect in sisterhood , sharing stories and creating a beautiful space for reflection and nourishment on a deep level.

Gathering regularly as women opens up our connection to our Higher Selves and to the Divine/Source, bringing through wisdom and teaching for us and for the wider community.

A practise stretching back thousands of years when women gathered together for their monthly bleed in Moon lodges.

Combining Ritual, Meditation, Creative Visualisation, and Creative activities, this Circle will be an opportunity to gift yourself the experience of moving into a deeper space within where you can access nourishment and hear your intuition more clearly.

Our focus will be Healing of ourselves, and our connection to the wider web of life.

This circle will provide the space to rest, recalibrate your nervous system and reflect on your life leading to greater self-awareness and a better relationship with yourself and others.

If you have any questions about this Circle, please let me know.

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